The Summer Lab focused on designing prototypes that illustrate how interoperability between systems in the music industry, using distributed ledgers such as Blockchain, might unlock new possibilities for music creators and consumers of music, while opening up increased opportunities for commercialization and monetization of creative works.

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summer lab 2017 plan

Includes Lab purpose, Lab staff roles and structure, timeline, methods, and sponsorship levels. The Summer Lab was sponsored by IDB, Intel and TiVo. PDF here.

Summer lab 2017 overview and recap

For a complete overview, visit the Summer Lab website here.

Click the links for more information on the Teams, Final Projects, Team Blog Posts, or OMI API.


technology resources

Additional resources explaining the technology we explored during the Summer Lab.

 Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble via New York Times Magazine

  • A primer on Blockchain technology. 

Canary In A Coalmine: From Internet of Things to VR to Blockchain How Music Guides Other Industries via Forbes

  • An overview of future technologies in the music industry.