The Open Music Initiative (OMI) hosts student software developers, musicians and visual artists between June 5-July 28 in Boston, MA. These fellowships explore the technical challenges of utilizing distributed ledgers and the Open Music Initiative API for:

  • Cataloging, attributing and distributing live DJ mixes

  • Commercializing mixtapes built from original material and back catalogs

  • Compensating musicians for visual works using their songs as data

  • Identifying individuals for their contribution to single tracks in new works
Berklee Open Music Presentation copy 2.005.png

The eight week program is facilitated by globally renowned innovation and design firm, IDEO, and Berklee College of Music's Berklee ICE, and supported by sponsors which include Intel and the Inter-American Development Bank. At the end of the summer, teams will demo new art works utilizing blockchain registration, share evolved use cases and make recommendations for additional features to the Open Music Initiative API based upon their experience.