The Open Music Initiative is currently in the process of becoming a non-profit 501(c)(6) membership organization. This new model will enable Open Music to sustain its role as a neutral industry convener with the three-pronged mission of:

  • Advancing open protocols for musical rights owner identification and remuneration;

  • Educating creators about intellectual property rights; and

  • Coordinating and promoting innovation across the music industry ecosystem.

At the February 6 Members Meeting in Los Angeles, the DRAFT bylaws and other DRAFT governance documents were shared and discussed. There is now an extended comment period between February 15 - May 15, 2019 for all current members to provide feedback on the proposed bylaws, membership agreement and dues, intellectual property policy and other critical documents. Following this period, the bylaws will be submitted for ratification at the upcoming May 29,2019 members meeting in New York.

The proposed DRAFT documents are available below for review and comment until May 15, 2019, both as PDFs, which can be downloaded, commented on and returned to us, or as Google Docs open for comments.

Our strength lies in our membership, representing an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration between creators, entrepreneurs, academic, music business, technology and policy leaders. We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments.