This article originally appeared on Medium, as part of the Open Music Initiative.

Everyone has ambitions. Some large, some small — but how many times can we honestly say we have given all our effort to support those dreams. We believe that with the pull of music, you will always be reminded that your ambitions are within arms reach. 

The mind and music work hand and hand. Without getting too complicated, the brain, in itself, has a like or dislike button. The three parts of the brain that react to music are the amygdala, the nucleus accumbens, and the superior temporal gyrus.(It’s okay — we didn’t pronounce them right either.) The first one takes sound and releases dopamine, the other is responsible for goosebumps, and the latter remembers those loving tunes you heard as a child. 

Because of this strong music to mind connection, we decided to build a product based around how we react to music. We are Mark. We are a wearable technology that fuels music for your ambition.

Michael uses Mark to stay   calm when anxious

Michael uses Mark to stay calm when anxious

Hooked around the ear and lightly pressed to the top of your cheekbone, Mark uses bone conduction technology to transfer sound through your bones, to your ear drums. With our out-of-ear placement, you will be able to hear the world’s alerts around you, while also producing tunes to achieve. 

Let Mark know how you want to feel or what goal you want to achieve, whether immediate, or time sensitive, and Mark will play music scientifically proven to help you create a certain mood, or conquer certain tasks. 

Sandra using her fashion-forward Mark.

Sandra using her fashion-forward Mark.

Sandra wants to get buff and be active. But she has a terrible time getting out of bed. The night before she tells Mark she wants to promptly get out of bed at 8AM and go on a run. At 8am sharp, Mark slowly increases the volume to the chorus “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2 to encourage Sandra to rise quickly and make the most of her day. 

Compatible with Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Tidal, your ambitions are limitless. With the streaming services new admiration of clean metadata, Mark is able to specify certain characteristics of songs to cater music to fit your goals.

The power of music in the mind if undeniable. From subconscious thoughts, to real life testimonials, Mark provides ambition when you need aspiration with the commitment of music.

OMI Fellow: Adam Dobkin