These guidelines are designed to recruit and select musicians and other creative artists who are interested in using emerging technologies such as blockchain to improve their revenue streams and create music in new and innovative ways. The following processes and language can be adopted and applied at the local level. 


In order to recruit talented and relevant artists, incentives should be considered. These can include:

  • Other in-kind services or products, for example studio time, or a voucher for a class or program

  • A certificate upon completion

  • A stipend, whether financial, or through a gift card


Seeking musical artists and creators interested in learning how to use new technologies, including blockchain, to grow their global reach and to improve your revenue streams. Join local entrepreneurs and innovators to see how technology can help develop you and your artistic career. Interested artists will participate in a 5 day Music Tech Workshop, interacting with new technologies and learning about the global music industry.


Our application was used to intake interested artists and to collect information on them in order to evaluate their ability to participate effectively. Criteria should be adapted to be relevant at the local level. PDF here.


Advertising methods and best practices should be adapted at the local level depending on what is most used by the target audience, and what is typically most effective. While social media was used most prevalently, other forms of communication include:

  • Local newspaper advertisements

  • Paper flyers, posters and postcards distributed in key venues such as universities, clubs, recording studios and concerts

  • Radio and television ads

  • Press releases

  • Local influencers and businesses

The following wording was used in the advertisements within social media and beyond. The exact wording would need to be adapted to fit the criteria at the local level, as well as to promote the participating organizations, sponsors, and to market whatever incentives are available.

  • LinkedIn/FB:

Artists from Jamaica and T&T, APPLY NOW for the Open Music Summer Workshop! Deadline May 19th. Learn more: #OpenMusicInitiative #blockchain #Berklee #IDB

  • Twitter:

Artists from Jamaica and T&T, APPLY NOW for the Open Music Summer Workshop! #blockchain #Berklee #IDB #Intel

selection criteria 

A scoring rubric was used to evaluate each artist and make the final selection. The form can be adapted for use by the organization. PDF here.

acceptance process

Once selected, the artists receive an Artist's Letter of Agreement. PDF here

To confirm participation, artists are expected to sign and return the following:


A report on the selection process written by the Inter-American Development Bank from the original 2017 Music Tech Workshop is available. PDF here.