music tech workshop objectives

The Music Tech Workshop aims to equip artists with a basic understanding of the impacts and possibilities of music technology for future music creation, a foundation in the design thinking methodology, and the fundamentals of  creative entrepreneurship. The Workshops were taking place during the final weeks of the Summer Lab. Having the two coincide enabled the Lab fellows to receive important insights from the artists’ interaction and observation with their project prototypes, and the artists to see the technology in action, and how it can be applied in the creative industries.


After participating in the Workshop, artists are able to:

  • Employ design thinking principles in their own creative process

  • Explain ways that they can apply emerging technologies to enhance their creative process

  • Define creative entrepreneurship, and identify the ways they implement creative entrepreneurship practices in their own careers

  • Describe current payment streams in the music industry, and the challenges in the current system

workshop topics

By engaging with the technological prototypes, and simultaneously receiving trainings in the concepts and technologies used in the prototypes, the artists were able to see and discuss the applications of the concepts covered in the training.

The Workshop is enhanced by having it overlap with the Summer Lab. If not possible to implement a two-month long Lab, the Workshop creators should consider including some type of hackathon or prototyping session, in order for artists to experience the practical applications of technology.