Week One: Incentivizing artists to capture complete data

This article originally appeared on Medium, as part of the Open Music Initiative.

Our OMI Summer Lab Fellows have been cranking hard for the past five days on their first design sprint. The challenge? Design a venture that incentivizes artists to capture complete, reliable data in recordings. The main focus of this week was the human need or desire. It wasn’t enough for teams to design a venture that captures complete song data, they had to design to the big question: How do you actually get creators to use it?

The Fellows have gone through the speed round version of the Ideo process. They started by generating ideas, then hitting the streets to speak with all sorts of creators, producers and fans- all the while prototyping and iterating. Below’s a quick overview of each venture- follow the link to see their full post.

OnRecord’s Oz Plug creates a Soundprint that not only seamlessly captures track-level identity information, but also allows fans to discover and explore based on their favorite segments of each song.

The big question: How might we use song metadata to help artists get discovered?

Pufferfish is a membership that compiles all of your creator identity- including your values. By scanning their Pufferfish card, artists ensure their complete identity is embedded in content, giving them the opportunity to approach business through the lens of their beliefs.

The big question: How might we align data capture with artist’s values?

Mirror is a wearable device that senses moments of inspiration and focus, and allows artists to reflect on and learn from the creative process.

The big question: How might we use complete song data to help artists become better at their craft?



Trace is a digital journaling platform that tracks the songwriting process between band members making collaboration not only easier, but transparent. The result is clear guidelines for ownership discussions.

The big question: How might we start data capture in the creation process to make complicated ownership conversations easier?

Helix captures your creator DNA, allowing you to watermark songs, dictate how they’ll be used, and connect you to other complimentary musicians.

The big question: How might we use the promise of an eternal data footprint to empower artists to think like entrepreneurs?

Campfire is a platform that encourages derivative works- bringing all of this content into one, generative, trackable platform. Upload a track to see all the iterations people make, or hop in to add your own spin.

The big question: How might we realize revenue from derivative works by embracing them?

Ashley Holtgraver