This piece originally appeared on Medium, as part of the Open Music Initiative.

Your Music DNA Can Live Forever.

What if you as an artist, signed or independent, determined how your music was used?
What if you could create and collaborate freely knowing your work could be tracked and monitored?

We want to inspire artists to take full control of their creations. But being an entrepreneur is tough. What if we made it easy?

HELIX is engineering an artist’s creative experience into the simplest and most collaborative program yet.

This means reimagining every element of music creation, making it more inspiring, user-friendly and innovative.

And now, with sixth‑generation Intel processors, API performance, stronger algorithms, and unlimited collaboration options, there is nothing HELIX can’t do. The result is more than just a new creative process. It’s the future of the music industry.

Take, for example, this tiny, fingerprint-ID, USB technology:

The moment you activate HELIX, your DNA becomes immortal. Well, sort of.

With a single press of your finger, HELIX allows you to take full control of your own content, increasing opportunities for connection, control, and creation.

And that’s just the beginning. Let’s take a deeper look at our creative identity features.





After setting up your basic DNA information, you will be able to embed metadata into both your media and a blockchain database simultaneously. With the HELIX API, you can do this on your DAW, an app or any creative software, and track where your creations are used, shared, or edited.


When you create music, each song is given a unique watermark, identifying you, as the creator, across all platforms.

Additionally, the digital HELIX button is seamlessly integrated into your creative process, gathering data and learning what makes you unique.


In addition to creation, you can to choose how your work is used, shared and monetized.

Your ideas are tracked through the HELIX plug-in, giving you the ability to share your own digital creations without losing ownership rights.


Through our creative identity features, the Helix profile showcases your unique identity, interests and assets.

Maybe you’re in need of a violinist? Or maybe you want to collaborate with an artist who has similar musical influences?

With DNA Fusion, you can do all of that; discover new inspiration and merge your artistic expressions together.

What’s Next?

HELIX is off to an exciting start and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Who knows what the future of music DNA programming could become, or how it could work technically? And what about neural networks?

With every artistic choice and recording the artist makes, they are “training” their neural networks, and soon the HELIX AI will learn how to write and play like the actual musician writes and plays.

Meaning someday, I could musically collaborate with, anyone, say Stevie Wonder, even after they’re dead. I’ll just jam with his music DNA.

It will be disturbingly and beautifully accurate.