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KARAJAN Blockchain & Music Hackathon

  • Salzburg University of Applied Sciences 1 Urstein Süd Puch bei Hallein, Salzburg, 5412 Austria (map)

The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute, Open Music Initiative and Red Bull Media House are joining forces in a Blockchain-Hackathon at the Karajan Music Tech Conference in Salzburg March 21-22. The hackathon will be hosted at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Red Bull Media House is inviting hackers to take on their "Music Portfolio Challenge" to build a blockchain-based music micro-licensing platform.

You should participate in our hackathon, if:

  1. You want to learn about decentralization technologies and how they can be applied in the music industry. 
  2. You want to help build a new music industry in which artists will be paid a fair share, directly and with 100% transparency. 
  3. You want to develop new business models that apply decentralized protocols and their interaction with other technologies (ethereum, bigchaindb, plasma, coala ip, etc). 
  4. You want to meet music industry professionals, artists and hackers who love to make the world a better place :-) 

What can people work on?

  1. Red Bull Challenge: Microlicensing System for B2B Licensing
  2. Rights Management for Sample-Based Music
  3. Graphical Interface to show Blockchain-Transactions for Composers 
  4. New use cases for tokenization economy. Brainstorming and writing of articles. 
  5. Work on github repositories such as Coala IP, Token-Curated Registries 


Wednesday: 21.3.2018

09:00 — Welcome
09:30 — Presentations on Blockchain, Technologies of participating companies and individual projects of participants
11:30 — OPEN MIC: Present your ideas
13:00 — Lunch at "Fago" in the Main Building
14:00 — Hacking begins
19:00 — Dinner
22:00 — Hacking continues in hotels and bars ;-)

Thursday 22.3.2018

08:30 — Coffee, Open Doors
09:00 — Don't-Panic-Meeting for those who want more input from the group (optional)
09:30 — Hacking continues ...
13:00 — Lunch
15:00 — Preparations for presentations start
16:00 — Presentations start (10 mins each, please enter your name here)
17:30 — Receptions