January Update: Letter from Co-Founder Panos Panay

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s hard to believe that Open Music was launched just a short 18 months ago given the incredible progress that we have been able to make together.

We have a simple objective: Create an open standard for data sharing to identify and pay the people who make the music we love. 

Going forward, we will be sharing updates with you on our efforts to advance our mission. Here are our first updates as we jump into the New Year.

  • Open Music on CNBC Squawk Box: Last month I was on the popular morning show talking about our efforts in the music industry towards open data sharing. Check it out.

  • Open Music API is Live: As you all know we have launched API 1.0 in November and will begin test implementations shortly. You can check it out, play with it and help us improve at Apiary and GitHub.

  • Contribute to the OMI Yellow Pages: Before the end of the year, we asked you to contribute to the creation of the OMI API Yellow Pages. If you have yet to do so, please fill out the survey here.

  • OMI API x Ace Hotels Workshops: On Tuesday, February 27, in New Orleans, we will host our first of several open hacks and workshops with Ace Hotels. Our goals are to explore new artist and consumer experiences using the OMI API, as well as bringing in AI partners and artists. Want to participate? Let us know.

  • OMI API Member Use Case Workshops: We are starting to host the first of many open member workshops. Our goal with each is to create sample apps for data sharing between the event participants. Want to join in? Let us know.

    • February 20-21: OMI will participate in a use case workshop in Rome, Italy with Rome Business School and Italy's copyright organization, SIAE.

    • March 21-22: OMI will hold a workshop in Salzburg, Austria with our friends at the von Karajan Institute and Red Bull Media House, among others, who will be providing sample data sets.

  • Open Music in WSJ: Open Music was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal in an editorial penned by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, formerly head of innovation at IBM. Read it here.

  • Working Group Calls: As the first version of the working docs and API have been completed, we will no longer be holding regular working group calls. We may resume calls at a later date to further iterate on the req docs. Tremendous thanks to all involved, and a special thanks to Context Labs for so expertly facilitating these calls.

We will keep you posted on an upcoming member meeting schedule. We expect to host our next one in March.


Panos Panay