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4 teams explored the following design briefs:

  • Cataloging, attributing and distributing live DJ mixes
  • Commercializing mixtapes built from original material and back catalogs
  • Compensating musicians for visual works using their songs as data
  • Identifying individuals for their contributions to single tracks in new works

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The Projects


A new service that allows for unique emotional moments in a live performance to be captured and analyzed for artists and businesses involved in the music industry.

Team NotTomatoLovers Project LUM


A sample marketplace where copyright holders can set the intention of their music, so it can act on its own as if it were alive.



An organized platform wHere fans can view the entire identity of an artist and share the meaning behind the music.



A media player that tells the holistic story of a song by bringing it to life in virtual reality.

Fiber is a media player that uses the story of a song to create immersive musical experiences in virtual reality. We incorporate non-traditional musical data, such as influential figures, places, history, and community feedback, with traditional musical credits to represent the story end-to-end. Our goal is to utilize musical stories to foster deep emotional connections between artists and listeners. In this prototype, we give Same Drugs by Chance The Rapper the Fiber treatment.