Sprint 2: The Fan EXPERIENCE


Sure, being a fan can mean being an expert. Diving into details, knowing the artist’s life story, getting into the meaning behind each lyric. But usually, being a fan means feeling something. Listening to something special, feeling it in your bones, and wanting more. Right now the fan experience often occurs at expense of the artists they admire. There must me a way to allow- and even promote- the open access culture to songs that seems so fitting to the history of music, while still ensuring fair payment. How can we use all the good, complete song information we figured out how to capture in phase one, to create an enhanced fan experience?


How might we redefine the barriers and roles of the artist/fan?

Listening to music is currently a one way street- and that’s part of the romance. Fans like to get the artists’ pure, unadulterated creativity. But right now it’s near impossible to get music straight from the artist you love- and you’re not even sure if they’re being compensated. The way fans listen is divorced from the music creation process. Is there room to build off of complete song/artist information and bridge the fan/artist disconnect without disrupting creativity?



  • What if fans’ listening behaviors influenced artists’ creation process?

  • What if fans did all booking / signing?

  • What if fans could “pay” for music with something other than money?


How might we bring the intimacy of ownership and access to streaming?

You know when you’re the first of your friends to discover a band, and you remain weirdly protective of that band forever? That’s founders rights. It’s the intimacy of fanhood. Having an infinite source of songs in your pocket is a beautiful feeling- but it doesn’t breed that preciousness of ownership. And hearing about a new song directly from an artist on Snapchat is great, but it doesn’t feel personal. The ways to find music today are vast- but they’re often disconnected from our listening source. Is there a way to leverage complete song information to embrace the ubiquitous access that comes with streaming, while still fostering that personal, deep feeling of ownership and connection that’s so intrinsic to music?



  • What if artist’s information could tip fans off for the first listening experience? Maybe even right after the song’s recorded?

  • What if a physical artifact was colored and made beautiful by the songs you listen to?

  • What if your discovery source was also your stream source?