How might technological advances lead to new consumer experiences and new ways of monetization for creators?

With support from Intel and the Inter-American Development Bank, the Open Music Summer Lab will explore the edges of derivative musical works. Qualified academic teams, guided by IDEO through a proven innovation process, will develop new technological approaches to this emerging opportunity.  

Why Sponsor The Summer Lab?

THE PACE OF CHANGE IS ACCELERATING: What will transformational shifts such as decentralized networks, ubiquitous computing, fluid data, and bio-tailoring mean to your business?

SHAPE THE CHANGE, GET AHEAD: Instead of asking your company and customers to adapt to new technologies, you’ll use new customer needs and human-centered design to test and shape future business opportunities.

PUSH BOUNDARIES WHILE MITIGATING RISK: New markets are uncertain and possibilities abound, so you’ll explore these areas efficiently and rigorously via a proven process with shared investment to maximize your chances of success.

GAIN VALUE THROUGH THE NETWORK: Charting new territories requires expertise, investment, and commitment from multiple perspectives, beyond the walls of any one company. You’ll not only have access to experts, but also to new talent.

20 students selected from Berklee College of Music, MICA, Tufts, SCAD, University College of London, and more will convene to demo new music experiences utilizing blockchain registration and share use cases with the Open Music Initiative API.

See results from the 2016 OMI Summer Lab.

Please join us this summer. For further details and to get involved: