A lot of OMI Members and other individuals want to help make you guys successful!  If you know someone interested, direct them to open-music.org/help

The Bat Phone: These are people in the industry or with a particular skillset/perspective who said they'd be happy to get on a Skype call with you, to answer questions, give feedback. 

Cory Levinson, cory@soundcloud.com - Available 7/21-7/27. Soundcloud data analytics + blockchain technologist.

Aaron Davis, aaron.davis@exploration.io - CEO of Exploration.io - music business insight

Robert Lyons,  r.lyons@neu.edu - former WGBH director, current Northeastern professor - has a lot of perspective and knowledge on the way the Chinese music industry works, its similarities and differences to USA.

John Spallone, resonate.is - john@resonate.is - resonate is a new model for music streaming - John would have good thoughts on both fans and artists.  Tech talk on 7/21.

Vadim Brennet, Dubset - Vbrenner@dubsetmedia.com - Vadim spoke to us about Dubset on 7/15. Please follow up with him for more questions/feedback.

Adrian Perry - Artist / Lawyer - aperry@cov.com - Artist + law perspective

David Herlihy, Berklee prof + copyright lawyer + artist - david@herlihylaw.com

Marko Ahtisaari - the Sync Project - marko@syncproject.co - The Sync project wants to create ways to use music as precision medicine

Michael Lau, Round Hill Music -ml@roundhillmusic.com

Benji Rogers, Pledgemusic + Blockchain Music - benji@dotblockchainmusic.com

Howie Singer, Warner Music - howie.singer@wmg.com - Howie can Skype on 7/18.

Harris Cohen, Youtube - cohenh@google.com - Interesting guy, Google him.

Roger Sacilotto, AVID - rsacilotto on Skype

Belinda Pern, Red Bull Media House - belinda.pern@us.redbull.com

Bill Wilson - bill.wilson@musicbiz.org

Matthew Fenby Taylor, Soundcloud - matthew@soundcloud.com - on panel at Kickoff

Robert Filomena, CD Baby - rfilomenac@cdbaby.com - Distribution

Leah Schwartz, Doppler Labs - leah@dopperlabs.com - Hear One in-ear computers -  spoke at Kickoff

Toni Morgan - tom154@mail.harvard.edu

Nancy Baym, Microsoft - baym@microsoft.com - MS

Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger - eron@soundstr.com - I'm currently the Founder/CEO of Soundstr. Soundstr leverages music recognition technology to identify music performances and broadcasts within real world businesses with the purpose of creating greater transparency on music use for songwriters and businesses alike. Also former platinum-selling artist with Hawthorne Heights.

Justin Sirota - justin@komposed.com - particularily familiar with storing audio & metadata, as well as the TV/Film licensing space

Jesse Gruschack - Jesse@UjoMusic.Com - Ujo music is a blockchain startup and spoke at the Kickoff

Kurosh Nasseri -  mail@kurosh.net - can help with the legal perspective

User Interviews

Peter Maguire - pete@harmonixmusic.com - Pete is a sound engineer/composer at Harmonix - friend of Ashley's.


Coaching / Feedback: Similar to the Bat Call, but these folks have a little more time to be involved, and/or can come in physically to help.  They're also happy to just Skype.

Nick Susi, New Torch Entertainment - nick@newtorchent.com - Nick is a co-founder and manager at New Torch Entertainment. Could provide a lot of perspective re: artists.

Andrea Alarcon, Microsoft Research Asst - v-analar@microsoft.com - Interested in offering fan perspective, also has UX/web design background and could build with you!


Resources: Data, APIs, "resources" offered by different people

New Torch Entertainment / Nick Susi - nick@newtorchent.com - has offered financial data from his company, and has the ability to poll artists they represent for surveys / feedback, and/or connect us directly to artists for user research.

Soundcloud - has a public API - developers.soundcloud.com

DDEX - DDEX developers - requires a free standard implementation license