July 11th (& 12th), 2016

at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge MA

What is it?

The OMI Summer Lab will run for three weeks starting on July 11.  It begins with an intensive two-day Kickoff which will progress through two one-week sprints. Each sprint will consist of OMI Summer Lab fellows ideating and prototyping unique solutions to industry challenges, ending with a Demo Day at the MIT Media Lab on July 29.

The first one week sprint will explore new, creative workflows to gather this critical data. The second one week sprint will explore emergent fan experiences resulting from data collection.

The Kickoff is broken up into two days, both held at the MIT Media Lab. Full agenda will be posted soon. The objective of the Kickoff is to expose a diversity of voices and stakeholders, frame challenges and opportunities in the music industry, and get inspired by & learn from analogous industries. We’ll approach this content by breaking the day into four themes: 1) Authentication & Fraud, 2) Ownership Changes, 3) Identity and 4) Interoperability.

Day 1: July 11th- Industry Download & Doubletake

Day one is an industry deep-dive into current challenges, opportunities, and emerging technologies related to data capture and tracking. It will feature a series of curated talks, panels, and short presentations from individuals across the music, media, technology, and startup worlds. It will also feature speakers from analogous industries to inspire with fresh takes on parallel challenges. OMI Members and their guests will have an opportunity to meet the Summer Lab fellows, and to connect amongst themselves.

Day 2: July 12th- OMI Fellow Design Thinking Initiation

Day two is an immersion into IDEO's Design Thinking process for the OMI Fellows. The day will consist of talks, exercises and skills transfers. This day will be facilitated by IDEO designers, and is tailored to give the Summer Lab fellows a crash course in the methodology they’ll need to leverage over the next coming weeks. If you’re interested in Design Thinking, or in participating in the lab in a coach capacity, you are welcome to attend as an observer. 

Note that Day 2 is to focus on teaching Design Thinking to the fellows. Members are welcome to attend as observers, especially if they are interested in Design Thinking, or participating in the lab in a coach capacity.


Schedule is a work in progress and subject to change

Monday July 11th - Industry Download & Doubletake

8:30AM - Doors open - Arrival + Coffee

9:00AM - Opening remarks - Panos Panay (BerkleeICE), Dan Harple (Berklee Trustee), and Michael Hendrix (IDEO) 

9:20AM -     The Fan Experience - introduced by Michael Hendrix and Grace Nicklin (IDEO)

9:25AM - Meet the New Fan - Grace Nicklin

9:45AM - Responsive Environments as an Analog - Joe Paradiso (Responsive Environments Group at the MIT Media Lab)

10:05AM -     Authentication & Identity - introduced by George Howard (Berklee)

10:10AM - Panel: How Do You Capture Good Data?

moderated by George Howard (Berklee). Panelists include Roger Sacilotto (Avid), Mark Isherwood (DDEX), David Hughes (RIAA), Jim King (Corerights), Mark Eisenberg (SoundExchange), Liza Lakhoian (Music Revenue Data).

10:40AM - Short Break

11:00AM - Entrepreneur Showcase + Q&A - Jesse Grushack of UJO, and Marcus Cobb of Jammber.

11:20AM - Food Transparency as an Analog - Brent Overcash (Food + Future coLAB)

11:40AM -     The Artist Experience - introduced by Michael Hendrix

11:45AM - Panel: The Artist Experience

moderated by Michael Hendrix. Panelists include Melissa Ferrick, Alex Ebert, Arabian Prince, Ami Spischock / Fort William, Marie Lang.

12:15PM - Lunch & Meet the Fellows

1:30PM -      Tracking Origin - introduced by Panos Panay

1:35PM - Interoperability & Working with Imperfect Data - Neha Narula, Director of Research at the Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab

1:55PM - Panel: How Do We Track Origin in the Era of User Generated Content? 

moderated by Vicki Nauman (CrossBorderWorks). Panelists include Michael Lorenz (Songtrust), Casey Rae (SiriusXM), Michael Lau (Round Hill Publishing), Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Vivien Lewit (YouTube), Kurosh Nasseri (Association for Electronic Music).

2:25PM - Entrepreneur Showcase + Q&A - Tim Luckow of Stem & Aaron Davis of Exploration

2:45PM - Short Break

3:00PM - Analog Talk - Cesar Hidalgo, Macro Connections Group at the MIT Media Lab

3:25PM -      New Platforms - introduced by Panos Panay

3:30PM - Entrepreneur Showcase + Q&A - Meg Siegal of WBUR / NPR BizLab, Leah Schwartz of Doppler Labs

3:50PM - Short Break

4:10PM - Banking & Bitcoin as an Analog - Kelly Olson, Intel

4:30PM - Panel: Exploring New Ways of Monetization

moderated by Panos Panay. Panelists include Kristen Bender (Sonos), Chris Horton (Universal Music), Matt Fenby-Taylor (SoundCloud), Howie Singer (Warner Music), Geoff Sawyer (Red Bull Media House), Max Bandier (SonyATV)

5:00PM - Closing Remarks - Panos Panay, Michael Hendrix, Grace Nicklin

5:20PM - Goodbye!


If you'd like to decompress, we plan to head to Meadhall afterwards.

Come mingle and buy eachother a drink!


Tuesday July 12th - OMI Fellows Design Thinking Initiation

9:00AM - Opening remarks

9:20AM - Music & Design

9:30AM - What Is Venture Design?

9:45AM - Generate Ideas - Learn & Do

10:20AM - Break

10:35AM - Assessing Opportunity - Learn & Do

11:10AM - Understanding People - Learn & Do

11:45AM - SaSu Lunch

12:45PM - Reflections from the Food Future coLAB

1:15PM - Digital/Physical Prototyping - Learn & Do

3:00PM - Break

3:15PM - Storytelling - Learn & Do

3:50PM - Break

4:05PM - Shareback

4:35PM - Prep for tomorrow! Find your teams, discuss hunches, Q&A

5:05PM - Closing remarks

Where is it?

The Kickoff will be held in the E14-633 Lecture Hall at the MIT Media Lab.


MIT Media Lab

Building E14, Lecture hall 633 (E14-633LH)

75 Amherst St

Cambridge, MA 02139


Parking information is located here.


Where Should I Stay?

Boston Marriott Cambridge - (617) 494-6600 - very convenient to the MIT Media Lab

Le Meridien Cambridge - (617) 577-0200 - 20 minute walk from the MIT Media Lab, located on Mass Ave near MIT campus

The Royal Sonesta - (617) 806-4200 - close to the MIT Media Lab, view of the Charles River

Airbnb - Search for locations around 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge MA - many affordable and unique options.

Please note that these are recommended hotels, not ones that we have specific arrangements or discounts with.

Occasionally Asked Questions

I'm an Open Music Initiative member, should I attend the Kickoff? 

Yes. We strongly encourage all members of OMI to attend Day One of the Summer Labs Kickoff. This is your chance to inform the project  and represent your company's experience and point of view with respect to the current challenges and opportunities the music industry faces.

I'm an OMI member and am interested in joining for the Kickoff. What do I do?

Please RSVP on EventBrite. If you haven’t already responded to the OMI survey and would like to be involved in a capacity beyond attending, reach out to Panos Panay directly.

I'm an OMI Member - should I go to Day 2 of the Kickoff: Design Thinking Immersion?

Day 2 is tailored as an onboarding for the fellows, and will not focus directly on the music industry - but all are welcome to attend as observers, particularly if you are interested in coaching during the Summer Lab.  Participation as a member will be observing / DIYing the human centered design coaching from IDEO, and ideally (if you are interested) helping out - acting as a research / interview subject with the fellows, and/or giving constructive feedback to design prototypes.

Will there be press?

The event is closed to the press. However, we may extend a special invitation to a single journalist for an exclusive coverage of the lab process. More details as they come.

Who will be there?

All OMI members have been invited to attend the two Kick Off days. Other attendees will be our 18 OMI Summer Lab Interns, IDEO facilitators, Berklee and MIT Media Lab faculty and a few other individual speakers and guests by invitation.

*Note that all OMI members are welcome to invite one colleague as a guest - i.e. up to two people for each member company.  All attendees, both members and guests of members, should RSVP via the EventBrite so we can account for everyone in seating and materials!



More coming soon. Ask a question below!

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