Our founding members represent an unprecedented cross-industry collaboration between technology, academic and music business leaders to resolve longstanding media rights issues.
Each has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to indicate their commitment to the values of the Open Music Initiative.  



Niclas Molinder

CEO & Founder

"Berklee’s Open Music Initiative shares our passion to develop an open and transparent music industry for creatives as well as businesses. We're glad to be part of this significant collective and advance the music innovation together."

CD Baby

Tracy Maddux & Tony van Veen


"CD Baby has worked with hundreds of thousands of independent artists for more than a decade to develop their careers, and has long embraced increased openness as the way forward. I’m excited to radically reimagine how artist and songwriters will manage their copyrights, promote their art, and achieve transparent compensation for their work."


Oliver Noram


“Chainvine offers solutions that identify, track and transact digital assets, this can be anything from IP to assets that have been digitised via data, in the case of music we are using Blockchain for both IP management and Syncing we enjoy collaboration in our field and see technology as evolutionary not revolutionary”

Context Labs

Dan Harple


"As with the early days of media streaming and Voice over IP, and their convergence toward interoperability, a coordinated effort is required today to produce a deeply interoperable distributed ledger to support this effort at-scale. OMI, with its multi-stakeholder emphasis, will provide a solid foundation for these efforts to succeed"

Downtown Music Publishing / Song Trust

Joe Conyers

VP Tech, Downtown & GM, Songtrust

"Music’s standards, notably music publishing, is largely outdated and has not caught up with the digital era. Today’s industry needs open source standards to create time and cost efficiencies, grow the pie, and increase transparency for music rights owners. Downtown is excited to collaborate on this forward-thinking initiative."


Levent Karahan

Founder, CEO

'It is time for the music industry to unleash its true potential! In order to do so global standards need to be agreed upon. Let us use the Open Music Initiative as an effective and creative vehicle to establish a clear map, so we all can focus on getting the job done and create something great!''

Fair Trade Music

Eddie Schwartz

Co-chair MCNA

"The immense promise of the digital age in this century will only be realized if all of us in the music ecosystem work together to ensure a sustainable share of the proceeds find their way to those who actually create the music millions of us enjoy everyday. I am excited to be a part of the Open Music Initiative and help in building shared solutions that have significant potential to move us toward that crucial goal.”

Featured Artists Coalition

Paul Pacifico


Future of Music Coaltion

Dick Huey



Giant Steps

Bill Rosenblatt


“The Open Music Initiative has the potential to get techies, lawyers, and business people working off the same script instead of being at odds with each other or operating in relative vacuums. This can only be a good thing for the future of the music business.”

Heaven 11

Vladimir Philippov



International Artists Organisaton

Paul Pacifico




Marcus Cobb


"OMI as a neutral, open-sourced approach to identifying creative works and rights holders in the digital age is long overdue. Berklee is in the perfect position as a stellar academic institution to lead the initiative. This is what 'Make Way for Music' is all about. Not only is Jammber honored to be apart of it, we are committed to lending our efforts and technical expertise to help ensure it's success and adoption worldwide."

Komposed Music

Justin Sirota


"We pledge to contribute any knowledge we can provide towards the definition of a new music standard that will better serve music creators. We can also assist in the technical architecture definition and engineering of the new global systems. We will re-engineer a demo version of our public and scholastic music platforms to read and write data to the global ledger, as a proof-of-concept to share with the OMI. This demo will show how any music creator can easily upload their works to the global ledger, perform edits, and distribute."

Mediachain Labs

Jesse Walden


"At Mediachain Labs, we believe an open, decentralized solution for sharing media metadata can enable new efficiencies and value creation for creators, rights owners and software developers. The Open Music Initiative’s neutral academic position and advocacy for openness is crucial to facilitating dialogue, progress and collective benefit for the vastly distributed music community.


Rob Kaye


“The music industry is an incredibly fragmented place where in-fighting and big egos are the norm. Where many attempts to fix these problems have failed, I hope that the Open Music Initiative can bring open source, open data and open minds to the industry to finally improve the state of the industry.”

Middlesex University UK

Marcus O'Dair

Convenor of the Blockchain for Creative Industries Research Cluster

"Though the consumption of music has changed dramatically in recent years, the architecture that facilitates that consumption is increasingly archaic. We’re excited to be part of this groundbreaking initiative to help create new standards and deliver a fair share of value to content creators and industry representatives alike."

MIT Media Lab

Brian Forde

Neha Nerula

Marko Ahtisaari


Music Revenue Data, Inc.

Marty Simon

Founder, CEO

“We are thrilled and excited to connect MRD with others involved in the OMI. Connecting core innovative thinking with business realities is a challenge that affects our creative community. We strongly support this unique opportunity to share better vision, dialogue and progress for all.”

Music Managers Forum

Brian Message


“OMI is a unique initiaitive in that it brings together players in the music space that are often at each others throats. I very much hope that those leading the founding entities put aside their differences and drive global solutions to such a critically important foundation for all of us”


Jeremy Silver


“A digital music industry needs a digital architecture for efficient licensing and rights exchange. OMI is a bold, ambitious step in that direction. We’ve all been waiting to see how the academic world could contribute to the music industry. This might just turn out to be how. Being Switzerland isn’t easy, but Berklee is well placed to give it a whirl.”


Jeannette Dietrich

Director Global Music

Newtorch Entertainment

Nick Susi, Ethan Schiff


"With current technologies, there's no reason why creatives and their collaborators and rights owners shouldn't be able to depend on quick, simple and accurate payouts for the usage of their work - and Open Music is a big step forward in bringing the right parties together to address the issues and to work together in finding the right solutions."


Raphaël Schumann


"Newzik provides musicians with a tool to buy, read and manage sheet music, in addition to audio and video files. As a multi-format digital platform, we consistently confront the difficulty of identifying and compensating the owners of copyrighted material. We are thrilled to share our expertise with Open Music and develop concrete use cases that focus on sheet music royalties."

Next Decade Entertainment

Monica Corton

Senior Executive Vice President, Creative Affairs & Licensing

“I am very excited to participate in Berkelee’s Open Music Initiative. I truly hope we can use the open sourced platform to reach rights holders whose music is most probably used in the digital space, but compensation is not reaching the respective songwriters and publishers. That said, we have to be extremely careful about integrating this new data with the existing music publishing data, so that it doesn’t cause a huge amount of counterclaims and that it doesn’t encourage or incorrectly pay copyright trolls.”

One Click License

Alan Graham, Rupert Hine


"In 2016, OCL will release a multi-repertoire framework for rights owners, developers, and citizens called Totem, which can identify any creative asset (without fingerprinting), instantly auto clear the usage rights for instances like user-generated content, provide usage data in real-time to rights owners, monetize and track the life of derivative works, indemnify developers, reduce the need for DMCA takedowns, generate scarcity, and more. Totem was designed to bring rights owners, artists, developers, and citizens closer together as partners, not adversaries. We believe cooperation is key and hope the OMI can be a foundation to facilitate this. We’ve always planned to open source some of our technology, and we’re happy to share that technology, along with the knowledge we’ve garnered over the past 3 years with the OMI."


Tim Westergren


"This is a very important effort and we're deeply committed to bringing more transparency and simplicity into the industry. We look forward to working with such a great group and building something that is truly impactful.”

Pledge Music

Benji Rogers


"It's been great to be a part of this initiative and along with the rest of the Dot Blockchain Music team I'm excited for what is to come. It's great to see so much alignment in a space that is normally so divided."


Christy Crowl


"ProMusicDB: the professional music credits database and archive has been on the front lines of aligning its structure with both academic practices and commercial industry standards, and shares in both artists' and academia’s mission to preserve music history in the digital world. It is with high hopes that we support and share a mission with the OMI that can accommodate the commercial use of industry data to function more efficiently on behalf of artists, with an endgame that ultimately insures the preservation of the cultural treasure of musicians and artists that data has come to represent."


Peter Harris


"Resonate is committed to participating in all initiatives seeking to facilitate innovate improvements in efficient and fair payments to all content creators. Fair trade music is in our core DNA and we will actively collaborate with any and all open source projects that have creating a more open, transparent system as their primary goal."


Bruno Guez


"I've never been more excited about the music industry as today we have a real opportunity to transform the way rights owners are compensated, create new revenue models and empower value creation at scale. The convergence of new technologies and open standards in intellectual property rights will create a more efficient marketplace, and move the industry to a more transactional economy. The future is all about real-time data and real-time payments."


Christophe Waignier




Chris Harrison

Vice President, Music Business Affairs



Jesse Feister

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy


Matt Fenby Taylor

Vice President, Creator Product & Content Operations

"Creators are at the forefront of everything we do at SoundCloud, as we continue to build a place where all forms of musical creativity can live. As an open platform ourselves, the Open Music Initiative (OMI) addresses issues that are fundamental to how SoundCloud operates. We look forward to working together with OMI, their partners, and our peers to solve this important issue facing the industry, and further enable the open and transparent sharing of data around music, its ownership, and usage."


Jonathan Prince

Global Head of Communications and Public Policy

"We think transparency across the entire music economy is essential to rewarding artists, songwriters and everyone involved in the creation of music fairly and rapidly and we’re really happy to be part of an effort that is exploring innovative ways to do that with new technologies."


Tim Luckow

Co-Founder & COO

"Stem is excited to participate in the Open Music Initiative. We feel open data will help ensure creators get paid consistently for their work and look forward to collaborating with a coalition of like-minded companies to develop standards that improve the music ecosystem as a whole."

Terrible Records

Brian Justie


"The Open Music Initiative represents an opportunity for a pragmatic shift in the tone of conversation in and around the music industry, hopefully catalyzing much needed structural change. While streaming has garnered nearly household utility status, largely accepted as industry panacea, there remain vital questions regarding rights-holder transparency and artist autonomy that make up the core of this initiative. I am eager to seize this opportunity for collaboration with likeminded stakeholders."


Scott Ackerman


“TuneCore is proud to be supporting an organization dedicated to championing some of our most closely-held core beliefs. Namely, that through advances in technology, advocacy, and collaboration throughout the industry, we can make a better world for artists and their fans by protecting the rights of every artist, allowing them to be compensated for their art fairly and transparently, and ensuring that fans around the world will therefore benefit from the fruits of their hard work.”


Phil Barry

Creator of Ujo & Founder of Blokur

"Berklee’s Open Music Initiative represents a fantastic opportunity for everybody involved in the drive towards a more open and efficient music industry to get together in a neutral setting and start to move towards consensus on a common set of goals and priorities. We believe that all parts of the music ecosystem stand to gain from cutting away complexity and unlocking new opportunities and business models for music content that can drive growth for creators, rights holders and technology companies alike."


Jesse Grushack

Director at Ujo, ConsenSys, Ethereum

"Ujo Music is excited to be a part of the Open Music Initiative and is looking forward to building a fair and transparent music industry. We don’t believe this will be accomplished alone and we applaud the efforts of Panos and ICE to bring everyone together.”

Under The Window

Sam Tall

Artist Manager


Universal Music Group




University College of London

Sarah Meiklejohn

Lecturer, Computer Science and Security and Crime Science

"There has been a lot of recent development of the emerging technologies that support transparency, as well as attention paid to their potential in various social applications, but a crucial next step is a concrete setting that can provide a testing ground and help refine their potential. The setting of music rights seems perfect for this, and the neutrality of the Open Music Initiative hopefully means that real progress can be made without individual agendas or business interests getting in the way."


Matias Zabaljauregui


"Open knowledge builds the foundation for creating sustainable societies through opening and democratizing science, education, government, culture and innovation. The emergence of Sharing Economy is reinventing the way we produce and consume products, resources and services by combining accessible production mediums with digital platforms to organize small creators. The Open Music Initiative is our effort, as music creators, professionals and researchers, to embrace this evolution. We represent the latin american consortium with members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay."

Warner Music Group









Christophe Muller

Head of International Music Partnerships

"The Open Music Initiative is an important cross-industry effort that addresses the complicated challenges impacting rights management in the digital age. We look forward to working with everyone involved towards solutions that benefit creators and rightsholders, and ensure they are paid transparently, accurately and quickly."

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