Why Us? Why Now?

Incomes for all those involved in the music-making and producing process have dropped precipitously in the last two decades. There are many reasons for this— most of which most of us in the music and media industries will likely not agree on—but one thing is clear: the infrastructure on which our business has operated for the last century is not adequate to address the new ways music is being produced and consumed today—and even more so, tomorrow.

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Panos Panay
A Call to Action

The accelerated growth of the Internet radically changed the way everyone consumes media.  It was disruptive and grew exponentially, often damaging long-held business practices. I believe that the “supply-chain” of media, and music, starts at its core, the artist.  The Internet brought a pendulum effect to the supply chain, placing the artist on one extreme, and the digital distribution model at the other.  The farther this pendulum swings toward the distribution model side, the less value delivered to the creative forces that drive the industry.  At the root of this problem is the inability to discover, track, and manage an effective flow for music distribution and rights issues.  OMI has been created to solve this thorny issue.  OMI strives for a better balanced equilibrium of these economic forces.

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Dan HarpleContext Labs
Designing the Future of Music

Forty music, design and computer science students filled a glass-walled room on an early June morning at Berklee College of Music. This was a day-long audition, a chance to qualify for a three-week innovation sprint in July…

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Michael Hendrix