Take you music to a new level. Collaborate with artists and technologists in the United States this summer at the Open Music Initiative Summer Lab. This a unique opportunity to participate in a growing global initiative to improve artist compensation and music industry cooperation. Selected artists will join college Fellows of the Summer Lab to play music, learn about emerging technologies and help define use cases for the music industry. Further details are on the 2017 Summer Lab page. You can apply via this form.

Selected musicians and artists will receive an expenses-paid trip to the US in order to participate in the Lab. This program is facilitated by IDEO and Berklee College, and is sponsored by Intel and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Residing citizen of Trinidad and Tobago or Jamaica.
  • Ability to travel to the US in early June and late July. 
  • Valid US Visa (valid until August 2017).
  • Ability to videoconference into Summer Lab at least twice weekly throughout June and July.
  • Must have experience recording and working in live settings.
  • At least one year experience creating and performing music.
  • Ideally not be confined a label.
  • Only individual artists are eligible (no groups).

Apply now!